ConservatorshipDue to a major illness or injury, if a person becomes unable to care for themselves and their financial deeds too, therefore setting up a conservatorship is essential. This is a court order where you as a conservator gets the legal authority and responsibility to act as a guardian or custodian of the afflicted person, called the conservatee, and take care of him/her in terms of health, property, and finances.

In simple terms conservatorship is a legal term where an individual (conservator) is given the responsibilities  to make legal, medical or financial decisions on behalf of the person (conservatee)  who is mentally ill, including those who are psychotic, suicidal, incapacitated or is in some other way is unable to take stable decisions.

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Quite similar to the guardianship of minors, a conservatorship is reserved for adults who are severely incapable due to some health issue like coma, or Alzheimer or any other problem. On receiving a petition for conservatorship, the judge of the court will review it and check if the afflicted person can be a conservatee or not.

Who Can Be a Conservator?

Any person who is a family member, close friend, or anyone having a personal relationship with the afflicted person (conservatee) can petition for conservatorship. The responsibilities that are given to the conservator often vary depending upon the jurisdiction and case.

For instance, in some cases, a conservator may only be responsible for handling the finance and property matters of the afflicted person or the conservatee. In such a case, he or she may be called ‘conservator of the estate’. Sometimes, the person may only be responsible for dealing with the daily routine of the conservatee. In such a case, he/she will be called ‘conservator of the person’.

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