Small Claims

Small Claims Orange CountySmall claims action or a legal suit is a way in which, individuals or businesses can seek payment, compensation or refund from another party. This is usually done because you as a plaintiff believes that the defendant party has not managed to keep up with terms of a particular contract or have misguided you in some way. Small claims usually do not require the interference of an attorney or a civil trial to avoid their expenses.

The small-claims courts have limited jurisdiction to hear civil cases, they tend to focus on small contractual and service disputes, and disagreements between individuals.  The courts authorized for small claims trials may have variant names depending on the type of jurisdiction it follows. It can be called a county court or may be named as a magistrate’s court.

All the US states have limited the amount of financial damages that one may recover from a small claims action. When particularly talking about small claims action in California, this limit is around $10,000. In case you are suing someone through a small claims court, then it will be the court’s responsibility to assign a hearing date by the court. On this date of the trial, you and the defendant party can put your part of the story before the court. You must also bring along with you any piece of evidence, like service records and photographs, to prove the validity of your statement.

After the judge listens to both sides of the story, he/she would then take any decision.

How can we assist you in your small claims suit?

The small claims action is although faster and simpler than a full civil trial, you still must carefully put together the documents and submit them in a timely fashion, so that your claim can go forward

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