In order to protect the home where you reside, also called your principal residence, from the people to whom you owe money, or the creditors, you will require to record a homestead form with the court.

This type of exemption is the supreme of all exemptions in California. This is so because, unlike other exemptions, which protect only a few hundred or a thousand dollars, homestead protection covers from $50,000 to $150,000 depending on the individual situation. If you are the only occupant of the home, the homestead protects $75,000, in case of a couple, the homestead extends up to $100,000 and in case of an elderly of 60 to 65 years, it extends up to $150,000.

Few things to know about the Homestead

Homestead Orange County(A) Homestead is superior to a judgment creditor

Although not from every kind of creditors, a homestead can protect you as a homeowner from the judgment creditor. In case of a lawsuit filed against you, where you owe the plaintiff a certain amount of money, a judgment may result out. This judgment entitles the judgment creditor certain legal powers that help him to get back his money from you. But, a homestead right overpowers all the legal rights in such a case and the rights to collect money from you are limited.

(B) No protection from foreclosure

According to the state law of California, you can take a loan by pledging your homestead as collateral. When you mortgage your home as a part of the purchase transaction, the lender gets the right to foreclosure on your home, disregarding your homestead.

(C) Either spouse can claim the entire exemption

In case, if a couple is entitled to a homestead, and the debt is due on only one of them, then the spouse who is in debt can assert the entire homestead.

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