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Since anyone can forge your signature on a property deed, or power of attorney, or any other court documents on your behalf, state governments, therefore, empower officials called notaries to prevent fraud and serve as an impartial witness. And Help4You is a well-established Notary Publics in Orange County known to provide almost every sort of documentation services here.

Some Common Duties of a Notary Public

Notary Services in Orange CountyThe most important function of a notary public is to make sure that the person signing a legal document is doing it on his/her own free will. This involves verifying the identity of the person, asking questions, and keeping a watch over him or her as the document is signed. After this, the document is notarized with the official seal of the notary, which ratifies the genuineness of the signature. A notarized signature is required on every legal document at some point and therefore a notary public plays a major role in the entire process.

Impartiality is the key component of the duty of a notary public. They are sworn to avoid and any kind of discrimination based on caste, creed, gender, political affiliation, etc.

We, at Help4You, are professional paralegals in Orange County offering notary services at quite affordable prices. We were appointed as a notary public by the state government officials of California and have been serving in the state for around a decade.

How can our Notary Services help?

Here are a few ways how our notary services can help you in your legal documentation process.

  • We, at Help4you, confirm the identity of the signer, before he/she signs any legal document. Theise important papers include marriage or divorce records, wills, trusts, deeds, or powers of attorney. Our notary public stand as a witness to prove that the person signing these documents is genuine and doing so on his/her will. Moreover, our notary publics will serve one and all equally without being impartial.
  • Our team of notary publics serves as representatives of California state law. Each of them is appointed by the state government to oversee the proper signing of legally binding paperwork.

Help4You is among the leading Notary Publics in Orange County. As representatives of California state law, we have done over 1,000 Notary signings to date. A notary will ALWAYS be present in our office, making the notarial signing process quick and easy for the walk-ins.

Our notary public services are not only fast and friendly but also quite affordable. Some of the common notarized signing documents include:

  • Legal documents
  • Real Estate documents
  • School Permission Slips
  • Medical Release forms
  • Car Title Transfers
  • Power of Attorney
  • Permission to Travel
  • Passport permission forms

A valid ID (Drivers License or Passport) is required, and our fees are $15.00 per Notarized signature.

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Disclosure: We are not attorneys. We can only provide self-help services at your specific direction. Help4You Documents Services are owned / operated by legal document assistant, who are not lawyers, cannot represent customers, select legal forms or give advice on rights or laws. Services are provided at customers request and are not a substitute for advice of a lawyer. Prices do not include court costs.

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