Few Important Reasons to have a Will

Few Important Reasons to have a Will

A will, also known as the last will, is a crucial legal document giving you the authority to decide on how your estate will get distributed or what will happen to it once you pass away. But, a recent survey done in America suggests that majority of people here do not have a will.

If you also don’t have it and die without having one, your state government will decide according to its laws, which may or may not be pleasing to your loved ones. Here we shall discuss a few reasons to make your will before you die.

Streamline the intestate administration process of the court

After your death, your estate will have to go to probate court to proceed with the legal process of property distribution according to your will. But if you don’t have one, the intestate administration court process comes into action. This complex legal procedure allows the court to determine who gets your property. This intestacy process is time-consuming and expensive, the consequences of which your loved ones may not like. Therefore, it is necessary to have a will to make this court process more rational and efficient.

Select who you want to manage your estate

Another important reason for having a will is that it allows you to choose the person who will manage your property. As a testator of your will, you can nominate an executor of your choice to wrap up all your affairs. Ensure choosing a reliable and responsible person as an executor who can liquidate your assets, close your bank accounts, etc. If you do not have a will, the court will choose one for you, who may not be the one you want.

Distribute your property as per your wish

As a testator of your will, you can decide who will receive your property and who will not. You can nominate the beneficiaries for your specific assets, which the executor distributes.

Having a will also lets you decide who will not get anything from your property. For instance, if you might want your ex-spouse to get nothing from your property, you can mention it in your will. If you do not make a will and leave it for the court to decide who gets your assets, your ex might also get a share.

Nominate the guardian for your minor children

You can nominate the guardian parents for your minor kids in your will. If one parent dies, the surviving parent usually gets legal custody. But if both the parents die, the nominated guardian gets minor’s custody.

Now it will be the guardian’s responsibility to take care of their housing, healthcare, food, clothing, and education. And if you do not have a will, the court will pick one for you, who may or may not be someone of your choice.

Nominate a beneficiary for your pet

Having your will is always great if you own a pet. You can nominate a person who takes care of your pet after you pass away. Although you can’t leave a property for your pet (considered an asset in law), you can name a beneficiary who takes care of your pet in your will. If you want, you can leave some funds for the beneficiary to take care of your pet.

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